The portal “Master Locations” intends to divulge the natural beauty and cultural heritage that Algarve has to offer, promoting and positioning the Algarve scenarios in the itineraries of Cinema and Audiovisual industry.
Here you can find many tips for shooting locations. If you are looking for some specific set, please contact us. We have a multidisciplinary, dynamic and qualified team, ready to support you. Our services in the pre-production area include:

• Research and scouting of natural or edified locations

• Preparation of the set for filmmaking

• Contacting and submission requests for filming authorization and permits

• Assist in recruiting skilled local staff, extras or props

• Logistics support (hotels, rent-a-cars, restaurants, etc.)

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Project: Produção audiovisual no Algarve Interior Central

Apoio no âmbito do Programa de Desenvolvimento Rural 2007-2013

Medida 3.1 Diversificação da Economia e Criação de Emprego

Ação 3.1.2 Criação e Desenvolvimento de Microempresas

Total investment: € 261,259

Assigned support: € 261,259

The selection and preparation of the set is a very important step in the production of the filmmaking process. The Algarve (Portugal) is the perfect place for any audiovisual project, with scenarios full of natural beauty and cultural heritage.

Located in the western part of Europe, in the south of Portugal, the Algarve has a coastline with about 150 km, which is very diversified in terms of landscape and characterized by the wide beaches, cliffs, caves and beautiful marshland areas.

The sea is one of the greatest richness of Algarve, but the blue and gold colors of the coast are also painted with the green of the barrocal and mountains region. The hills occupy 50% of the territory and offer a variety of landscapes to discover, with unique species of flora and fauna that is only possible to observe in this region.

In contrast to the tranquility of nature, the Algarve has a cosmopolitan side and the cities, with their daily adrenaline or night lights, are synonymous of good food, constant fun and a variety of events.

Apart from the diversity of scenarios, the region is also known for its mild climate throughout the year, with a large number of hours of sunshine (over 3000 hours of sunshine a year!) and a low average rainfall, which facilitates the process of filmmaking and increases the productivity.